The Bicknell’s have made me feel at home from day 1

I came across CKD purely by accident while looking for a new martial art type hobby to take up.
I had a friendly and welcoming response to my initial enquiry so decided to have a trial session.
I’m so glad I did – I found CKD interesting due to its non competitive nature, and it being a fairly new form of self defence, and goals were to improve my self-confidence, fitness and to make new friends.

I have been learning Choi for nearly 4 months now, and would just like to say how much I’m enjoying it. This is largely due to the teaching, and encouragement, patience, and enthusiasm from Del and Karen that is so infectious, but also due to the friendliness, and encouragement from other classmates.
I get a real buzz from learning new skills and techniques in a warm, friendly environment. I hope to progress through many belts.

The teaching methods are easy to understand and clear.
I’ve noticed a big improvement in my fitness level, and even though I have a very long term elbow injury this has caused me very few problems in my CKD progression, due to the non-sparring/jabbing nature of the techniques we learn.

The Bicknell’s have made me feel at home from day 1, and I look forward to starting each weekend with such great people, and relieving some stress!

I would highly recommend Choi to anyone of any age.

With many thanks,
Helen Lancaster