J. Winney

I have always been a late developer; I left school at fifteen with no qualifications. At 40 years of age having worked with homeless people I was selected to attend Southampton University and study for a diploma in social work studies (if I had waited a year it became a degree!). After completion I was employed by Hampshire County Council as a Probation Officer, working with all ages of people in the county and in Prisons! I did this for 19 years when on Christmas Day at home with my family I suffered a stroke. This put paid to continuing work, although I had not lost the use of my limbs I had lost the use of my brain (I was forever confused.com!) I stopped work at 60 years of age unable to fulfill my obligation to the service. I had to seek new challenges as I am a busy person and like to be occupied.
I was diagnosed with Lupus in my twenties and have lived with this condition all my life it is when the body attacks itself, it left me with stiff joints pains in my hands and resulted in Arthritis, I was often in a lot of pain the only way I knew how to deal with this without taking steroids was to keep active.
I joined the local Bowls club where I made many new friends and became the Club Secretary, I still enjoy bowling.
Then after attending a class for speeding motorists ( rather than take the points)I met a very attractive and fit young lady who told me about attending Choi Kwang Do classes and the benefits, she told me she was very confident in herself learning to protect herself whilst getting fit. I was interested and in the break, she gave me a pass for a month’s free trial. What had I to Lose!!
I attended my first session with trepidation at West End centre and was made to feel very welcome and I decided to give it a go!
I must admit I found it a bit difficult to start so much information! But I was gently guided through the belts am now a red belt (who would have thought!) I intend to be a black belt before my 70th birthday next year (told you I was a late developer!)
The benefits have been endless I walk tall and not afraid to be on my own anywhere! I have no joint pain and I consider Choi has also helped my memory! I have better recall now. If not for a Speeding Drivers Course I would not have found this Martial Art that has helped me so much!
I would recommend Choi to anyone, age is not a barrier. What have you got to lose!
It is good to have a target in life –Mine is the Black Belt with my name on! What’s yours?
Mrs Jeni Winney