Robert’s confidence

Dear Derek & Karen,
As you know, our son Robert has just qualified for his gold belt as is now part of your Black Belt Academy. As Robert as only just turned 7 we are very proud of his achievement and we would like to thank you both for supporting him so well over the past 16 months.
The fact that Robert has done so well is in no small part due to the helpful, friendly and fun instructors as well as the general ‘respect your help and fellow students’ ethos, that is so successfully promoted within Choi Kwang-Do.
In personal development terms we have seen great improvement in Roberts self confidence, since he has realised that he can defend himself (which is exactly what we had hoped for when we enrolled him).
We also feel that 2 classes of Choi each week has certainly has made him fitter and more agile.
We’d like to thank you once again. Enrolling Robert has been a great success, hugely rewarding on every level & on a practical level incredibly good value for money.
Kind Regards, Dave & Sam