Mountbatten School – Year 11 development sessions

In March, as part of a Personal Development Day, we invited Hampshire Choi Kwang Do to The Mountbatten School to work with our Year 11s.
Derek, Karen and Liam Bicknell put together a bespoke programme, where over the course of the day each of our 284 students were put through their paces in a ‘stress busting session’ for an hour.
Simply put, I cannot thank them enough.
With an emphasis very much on health and safety, and not in any way on ‘fighting’, the programme was thoroughly engaging, active, and most importantly, fun. Many of the students came away with beaming faces, making comments such as ‘that’s the best thing we’ve ever done for PD Day’ and ‘we should do this every term.’
Perhaps what impressed me most was the inclusivity of the programme. It did not exclude those less able students, and encouraged all to participate in a friendly environment. The Bicknells and their team were extremely sympathetic to the students, but at the same time very much had a strong presence which meant we had zero behavioural issues.
I would thoroughly recommend them to any school looking to engage their students with something educational, fun and a little different to the norm. Indeed, following our superb experience with them, I am sure Hampshire Choi Kwang Do would be able to utilise their undoubted expertise to create a programme tailored to suit the needs of any institution or business.

Mr B Parry Head of Year 11