I’m having the time of my life on my own journey to becoming a black belt

Well where do I start, firstly I want to thank the Bicknell family for everything. Their kindness and passion are inspiring.
I only started training in Choi Kwang Do in February 2009, but it took me a while to build up the courage to contact them, due to lack of self confidence which was from bullying in school, college and even my workplace. I trained at the gym in Portsmouth where the Hampshire Choi Kwang Do ran classes on a
Friday night. In 2008, I used to watch the students and instructors coming out from their classes and I always a wanted to talk to them but never could. I decided to ask the trainers at the gym about it, but I was told that it was only for children? I was really disappointed as it had taken me so long just to ask that.
That same year I decided to join a Kung Fu class in my local area, I was so nervous but I really wanted to learn a Martial Art, so I made myself go. I was there for a few weeks, but I knew from the first moment I stepped into the hall it didn’t feel right. After a few weeks, I decided to quit, even though I’m not a quitter.
Anyway, 2009 came and again I was training at the gym, when in walked the students and instructors from Hampshire CKD. I spent the whole session thinking to myself right that’s it I’m going to speak to them when they come out, but unfortunately, I missed them.
I went straight down stairs and got one of their leaflets from the front desk, I’m going to call them tomorrow.
I had the leaflet for about a week before I was able to ring them, I even considered getting my mum to call for me. Finally, I made the call, I was greeted by a lovely warm and friendly voice (little did I know that it was Mrs BickneIl) She was so lovely and I felt so comfortable, I booked in my first class.
Well, the day came for my first class, I was so nervous, I nearly cancelled it. I walked into the room, to again be greeted with a huge friendly smile from Sabumnim Bicknell, which magically took away my nerves. She spent the whole lesson with me, going through the stretch and teaching me the basics. I loved every minute, every student in the class greeted me with the same kindness and respect, I felt like I fitted right in. I spent the whole weekend telling my parents all about it and I couldn’t wait for the next class.
And it’s like they say ‘The rest is History, I have been training now for 10 months working through my belts. I can see the difference it as made to me, not just physically but mentally too. I feel so much more confident and have made so many friends. It’s an amazing martial art and I could talk forever about it, I’m having the time of my life on my own journey to becoming a black belt, I’m just glad I found it.
So once again, thank you to the Bicknell Family, you’re more than just Instructors your more like family.
Love & Pil Suhng