Alexandra Hansler

Well, if someone had said to me this time last year, that in a years time you will be working your way through your colour belts heading towards a Black Belt in the best martial art ever and on top of that, had been asked to become and Assistant Instructor. I would never have believed them.
But fortunately for me, it’s was true.

I joined Hampshire CKD in early 2009 and I have loved every minute of it. I have always been interested in Martial Arts, ever since I was young and coming from a dance background and a very sporty family, I couldn’t wait to try out a Martial Art and gain a Black Belt. But due to lack of self confidence, it took me a while to attend any classes. But I eventually started a form of Kung Fu in 2008, but after a few months I just didn’t get that feeling. Also with being one of the only girls in the room, I felt a little bit intimidated. I didn’t feel like I was learning how to defend myself, only how to win at competitions. So I ended up leaving.

The following year while training at the gym, I found a Martial Art called ‘Choi Kwang Do’. Again it took me a while to phone and book my first lesson, but I did. I was so nervous doing my first class, but I was greeted with the biggest smile from Sabumnim Bicknell, she was so lovely and welcoming I had not even notice my nerves had gone. After coming out from my first class I knew that there was something different about it, I had that feeling (and the huge grin on my face was a bit of a give away ;o) ). I couldn’t stop talking about it to my parents all weekend, ever since then I have been training all over I even took a trip to Woking to train with Master Brophy one of the highest Dans in the country, that was amazing, I’ve also attended Ladies only classes and fun days too.

In early 2010, I was asked if I would like to join the A.I team (Assistant Instructor) I was over the moon. So without a second thought I said ‘Yes Please!’. A lot of people and even some students have asked me the same question ‘Why did you want to become an Assistant Instructor’ and I answered the same thing everytime ‘Because I believe in Choi Kwang Do’

Most of them look puzzled so I explained, Choi Kwang Do is a practical self defence, it works with biomechanics of the body. But it doesn’t just teach you how to defend yourself, it also teaches you compassion, self control, confidence and in a family and friendly environment you will feel at home.

Already my confidence, flexibility, stamina and strength have improved greatly!!!! So becoming an Assistant Instructor I am able to teach other’s the art of Choi and help them to develop their skill’s and spread the

‘Pil Suhng Spirit’

So thank you so much to The Bicknell Family! And bring on the Black Belt!!! , Pil Suhng!