Karen Bicknell

I started training with my youngest Son in February 2005. After only a few months of training I could feel the benefits that CKD has to offer. My general health had improved, my fitness level had increased, my blood pressure had gone down and my weight had started to fall off.
In November 2005, I became an Assistant Instructor. Even more benefits followed. Not only health issues but my techniques, stamina and flexibility were improving every day. By teaching new students I was able to improve how I did my own curriculum. While donating blood, the nurse asked what I did to keep fit, as my pint of blood was out of my arm and in the bag in under five minutes. She told me that this was a sign of being extremely healthy. I told her I was a Choi Kwang Do Instructor and explained what I did.
In September 2007, I took my first degree Black Belt aged 41 (and 31lb lighter than when I started CKD). It was hard work, especially as I was testing next to a young man of just 16 years old. I did a great job and really enjoyed my grading. My belt was presented to my by Master Brophy (5th Dan from Surrey CKD).
I am still fortunate enough to train with Master Brophy and Surrey CKD on a regular basis. I attend Ladies Only classes/Senior Rank Classes/ Black Belt Academy Classes and Instructor classes. I am also very honoured to be able to sit on Master Brophy’s Examiners Table and test the students for their next belt ranks.
Also in September 2007 I become a Chief Instructor. I teach Ladies Only Martial Arts Courses and help run seminars with my Husband for the local clubs and groups.
In April 2008, we attended Choi Kwang Do’s European 20th Anniversary Seminar in the UK. Of course the guest of honour was Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi. I have met Grandmaster Choi on several occasions and he never fails to impress with his friendliness and awesome techniques at age 67. We were very humbled to be invited to International Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia by Senior Master Pereira this June. We spent a week at HQ where I was extremely lucky to be able to test in front of Grandmaster Woo, Senior Master Pereira and several high ranking Instructors from America. What a truly unbelievable experience. We were even more excited when we were able to spend 4 and half hours with Grandmaster Choi himself. Which other Martial Art would you be able to spend this amount of time with it’s Founder?

If you are looking for a healthy, fun, and fabulous Martial Art you could look no further than CKD. It is does exactly what it says on the tin.