Derek Bicknell

I first took up Lau Gar Kung Fu at the age of 15 during the Uk craze in the mid 1970’s. With no previous experience to base my training upon it appear to be a very effective style of fighting. I trained on and off for two years before moving home and any option to continue training. I returned to Lau Gar as a healthy 20 yr old following another move and re-started training with a World Champion instructor, Kevin Brewerton (The Jedi). During this 2 year period I sustained fractures to a small toe and collar bone, along with numerous minor injuries, as part of my preparation for Semi-Contact tournaments. I quickly discovered that I did not have the desire to win ‘at all costs’ and I stopped training.
I had no further interest in Martial Arts, as my belief was that they all offered the same competitive approach to development. It was not until I started to take my eldest son to a ‘new’ Martial Arts class, called Choi Kwang Do, that I met the Chief Instructor (Now Master) Nigel Brophy. With his infectious character, I was drawn to discover that, at 40 years of age, there was indeed a much more beneficial way to train.
With my focus now fully on Martial Arts and fitness I can see that my previous teachings were too stylistic and impractical. Not only have I personally felt the health benefits from training in the revolutionary Choi Kwang Do style but I so strongly believe in the system, that I’m now lucky enough to share the discovery with 100’s of my own students as a full time school owner.
Whilst it is true that Ageing is inevitable, decay is optional and I’m fortunate enough to have discovered that whilst I’m now in my 50’s, Choi Kwang Do is indeed holding back the years. Pil Suhng.