Ageing is inevitable, but decaying is optional


No matter your age, your physical state – and your associated mental alertness, emotional self-esteem and spiritual contentment – are down to you. YOU can decide how young you want to look, feel, move and act.

There can be no greater testimony to the Choi Kwang Do system than the conditioning of Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi himself. His abilities are those of a man in his early twenties yet he is now in his 7th decade. It’s hard to question his claim that he’ll be ‘Younger next Year’!

He is not alone; there are numerous examples of such achievement. Mrs Hyum Ja Kong earned her Black Belt at the age of 90!!

Here, at Hampshire Choi Kwang Do, we have had the pleasure of helping several students in their 70s achieve the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt.

What can Choi Kwang Do do for you?

Our 60+ programmes have been specially designed for more mature adults: we start where you are, at your level of fitness and flexibility. You will find that our classes help to relieve stress and get you fitter in a fun and enjoyable environment. Our programmes work on you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

  • Physical shape: Choi Kwang Do will help you lose fat and gain muscle, redefining your body shape in a safe, positive, fun and supportive atmosphere. We cannot promise miracles, but we do believe that you will look and feel years younger – for years to come!
  • Physical strength: if you ever need to, Choi Kwang Do will enable you to defend yourself. That is true for women just as much as for men, for older people just as much as younger. The martial arts moves you will learn will arm you with a sense of security.
  • Mental strength: the discipline that underpins Choi Kwang Do, and the goal-orientated nature of our programmes, will develop your mental strength. This will spill over into all areas of your life, enhancing your work practices, your relationships and your achievements in every other sphere.
  • Emotional development: self-esteem can be an issue at any age, but you will sense from the above that Choi Kwang Do will give you a hugely enhanced sense of self, and feeling of self-worth, that your self-esteem will be transformed.
  • Emotional support: in Choi Kwang Do, we work together – there are no winners and losers – and we all – instructors and other students – support each other to achieve our goals.
  • Spiritual development: many students, who come to Choi Kwang Do for the physical benefits, discover in time that these broaden into mental, emotional and even spiritual areas. A heightened sense of enlightenment is not mandatory, but every student will feel differently about themselves and the world through Choi Kwang Do.

You probably have questions………..

Will I get hit? No, there is no sparring in CKD because we believe that it only induces aggression and stress. Competitive sparring encourages you to stand toe-to-toe with an assailant, usually conducted under a set of safety rules and often controlled by a referee. This scenario is far from the reality of a real-life assault and bad habits can easily form under these constraints. In CKD, we gradually introduce you to a series of structured ‘Defence Drills’, to develop your skills of deflective blocking and avoidance. Your partner will simulate an attack at an intensity gauged to allow for the development of countering techniques – aimed at disabling your attacker and enabling evasion.

Do I need flexibility to kick high?

No, our practical and effective techniques only require a natural range of movement. Your flexibility will develop naturally and without conscious focus, as you engage in the numerous drills we teach you. Our warm-up stretching component, at the start of each class, will ensure your flexibility makes steady progress as you train. However, kicking high is not a requirement and is considered generally impractical for self-defence purposes.

How often do I come to class? That is entirely up to you: some students attend once a week; some come every day. Whilst it is true to say that the more you practise, the faster you will develop, why not start slowly and build up?

Do I need to be fit to start? Whilst we would always support a healthy, active lifestyle in everyone, no, there are no pre-requisites at all. We will make sure that the classes you attend and the exercises you are asked to do, are appropriate for where you are now.

Can I try it? Yes, you – and we – need to make sure that your needs and goals match our programme, so we would start you on a trial programme.

Thank you for your interest in Hampshire Choi Kwang Do: if you have any other questions, we will be glad to answer any you might send to

Why not try it out? We cannot do the benefits of Choi Kwang Do justice in words, so why not book a free introductory class and see for yourself what you could achieve. Please call us free on 0800 990 3071 where we guarantee to greet you with a friendly welcome.