Southampton Choi Kwang Do Martial Art helps you to deal with Stress and Crisis situations

Are you looking for a fitness-orientated activity that will enhance your body, mind and spirit? Would you like something to develop your children’s physical confidence and self-esteem? Perhaps you are an older person who wants to stop – or even reverse – the ageing process. Maybe you yearn for a positive, fun activity that your whole family could share. You may even be a female who would like to learn self-defence. Southampton and Hampshire Choi Kwang Do Martial art is right for you!

The friendly, supportive, fun classes at Southampton & Hampshire Choi Kwang Do offer all of this – and more! Please book a trial martial art lesson to find out more and see if this is right for you to help self defence, personal development and fitness. Thank you for your interest –
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Would you like your child to develop a strong mind, a healthy body, and a balanced moral compass?...more info
Are you looking for an efficient, no-nonsense self defence programme, focused on giving you fitness, health and wellbeing – for life?...more info
Adults 12-60
Ageing is inevitable, but decaying is optional...more info
Adults 60+
Quality time – developing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – as individuals and as a family...more info
Family Classes
The confidence that you’re less likely to be attacked; the ability to deal with it if you are...more info
Women's Self Defence
Are you looking for the most efficient way to stay fit and healthy? Our dynamic, fun drills are based on the latest scientific research...more info
Fit & Healthy

Get your self
Defence Skills

In an ideal world there should never be a need to use self-defence. Many believe this, and never prepare for those that feel using violence will bring them reward. Self-defence training, using the CKD system, will equip you with strategies, to identify potential conflicts and prepare effective counter measures.

However, the confidence to deal with confrontation can only grow through sure knowledge that you have the skills to deal with a physical assault, should all else fail. Come along and learn more about Southampton and Hampshire CKD.

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Family Martial Arts

Are you looking for an activity for all the family – something that you and your spouse or partner, and your sons and daughters – and nieces and nephews – can all spend quality time doing together – something that will enhance you all physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – but one at which you can all progress at your own pace?

Family Martial Arts 

Teaching women
Smart Self-Defence

We provide realistic, effective self-defence training for female students of all ages. Our mission is simple – to empower you to fight back against crime, but, more importantly, to spot it early and take pre-emptive action.

Women's Self Defence 

Fit & Healthy

Many ways of exercising work well for the body, at least in the early days, but few stimulate the mind and therefore training becomes a chore. If you have run out of interesting ways to stay fit and healthy, consider CKD Martial Art training to add the enjoyment of goal driven mental stimulation.

Health & Fitness