'In 2006, I started looking for a Martial Art for my 6 year old son, Michael, that would give him some confidence, fitness, enjoyment and some form of self reliance & protection. Michael was struggling in school with a poor attention span and a lack of focus. He also needed help with some basic co-ordination skills.
I was also looking to participate in the chosen Martial Art to aid me in mobilising a stiff back, to give me a much needed fitness boost and to have fun with my son.
Having had exposure to some Martial Arts in the past, it was important to chose the right one that would not cause further damage to my back and would be centred around a family-based environment; the last thing I wanted was an aggressive atmosphere conduced to make 'mini warriors'.

After some research, I came across the excellent Mr Bicknell and his instructors, Hampshire CKD and Choi Kwang-Do.
Having been made to feel welcome from the start, the classes are conducted in a very informative, patient and friendly environment with the focus on the values of Choi; Honesty, Humility, Perseverance, Self Control, Unbreakable Spirit. In contrast to the name 'Martial Art' and the serious subject of 'self defence', the classes are always full of smiles.

Michael absolutely adores it. He now has better focus, his co-ordination has improved dramatically and his attention.....getting there! (His learning of the Korean Language has been astounding).
For myself, I enjoy the lessons, my back is much better, I have become fitter & lost weight and my 4 year old son is pestering me for the day he can join. (He attended the Choi Christmas Party and walked off with first prize of Grandmaster Choi's book...;)

We intend to continue with Choi Kwang-Do as a positive way of life; gaining a means of fitness, having fun together and learning a thoroughly modern self defence that is based upon practicality & body science and not some 400 year old inflexible tradition.

The Wells's go to Choi
July 2007 ~ As an update to the above, the whole family now all participate in CKD in Eastleigh. We have had our first family grading, Kieran and Mum have gained their White Belt Senior rank, the first of many belts I'm sure.
We all still enjoy it immensely and Michael has his sights now set on joining the Black Belt Academy.

Stephen Wells. Pil Suhng.