To Whom It May Concern:


My son, Alexander, who is 7 years old, began CKD Martial Arts with Hampshire CKD at the beginning of the year and I have found that he is not only greatly enjoying the physical exercise but the focus and discipline that it brings. He really looks forward to his training days and enjoys practicing in the morning when he gets up.


I am very happy with the entire ethos behind this particular Martial Art, which encourages a positive and self confident attitude in my son and other students, he attends with. I am very pleased that my son is learning a method of self defence, such a good life skill and in such a friendly and family based environment.


Alexander is progressing well and always enjoys the incentive of earning his next grading belt and gains an enormous sense of achievement and pride from working towards and attaining the next grade. He has also developed a much better sense of self awareness, together with a lot of respect both for his instructors and for other students.


Alexander and I both actively recommend Hampshire CKD and in particular

Mr and Mrs Bicknell who have always shown a great deal of encouragement and kindness.


P S A C Wellbelove