Hi, my name is Barry Vinton and in January 2007 I retired from a full time work and moved to Hayling Island.

Before too long I realised how unfit my body had become, how overweight I was, and how difficult it was to do the normal things in life, like walking and scratching my back!

I tried several "keep fit" classes but they were either too energetic (ending up with strained muscles) or too soft so that I did not work up a sweat.

It was while surfing the net, looking for something between Tai-chi and Kung fu that I found Choi Kwang-do, it sounded quite good, plus they offered a free lesson to try it. That was in August 2007 and to date (March 2008) I have achieved a slow weight loss, a fast flexibility, and a new circle of very supportive friends. The classes on Hayling are family groups and the principles of Choi Kwang-do teach respect for all age groups.

With the help of Derek & Karen Bicknell I hope to achieve my black belt before my 70th birthday! Without any monetary inducement I heartily recommend Choi Kwang-do to anyone who wishes to stay fit in a fun environment.

Barry Vinton, 9th March 2008


It’s now 18 months since I started training with Choi Kwang do, and I have achieved my green belt. Which is halfway to my ultimate goal, black belt!
It hasn't been easy, but then nothing worthwhile ever is. It has been enjoyable, and it's still fun, even if there are a few aches & pains after a hectic night.

When I was young I was in the Boy Scout movement and was surprised to find that Choi Kwang do embraces the same qualities of honesty, loyalty, & perseverance that were my early teachings. Now I have joined a group of dedicated Assistant Instructors and am trying to help those who are starting on their pathway through Choi Kwang do. 

Unfortunately there are only a few of us “older generation” and it would be nice to see a few more retired people in class. So if you’re reading this and want to get fit in a safe & friendly environment come along and meet Derek & Karen Bicknell, the school owners.

Ps. you don't have to be old. Any age between 5 & 85?  Would be welcome.

Barry Vinton. Updated March 2009