My Essay on CKD!!!

The benefits I have seen by training in the CKD are I have got a lot more confidence and my grades have gone up in maths and English I have more selfesteem. I can now speak out in front of the whole class when before I never used to. I feel training with CKD I have got fitter and I can know move much better in dance as where before my back used to lock up in one place and I couldnít do dance for some time. I have learnt some self control as I just wanted to always hit something when I got angry now I can control it. I have only been doing CKD for 6 months and I feel with this continued support things can only get better and improve for me.

I would recommend CKD because they are very friendly and easy to get on with. It doesn't matter if you shy or loud they will still teach you how to defend yourself. Anyone and everyone can join. CKD also taught me no matter what people say about you that we are all unique in your own way and you count. They are even like a second family.

Doing CKD I have got more flexible and fitter with the training it has help me a lot in PE as I don't get out of breath anymore. Doing CKD I have found that my arm and leg muscles have got stronger and when I do my boxing lesson in school I can punch the bags much harder and it actually moves as it never used to before.

CKD has changed my life. As before I started this club I was jumped by my best friend, she managed to pull a chunk of my hair out. Now CKD has made me more confident and less afraid of confrontation as I would never say "boo to a goose" but now I can stand my ground if needs be, itís nice being able to be myself without being afraid of being pushed around.


Thank you CKD Pil Suhng