Pil Suhng Sir.


I am writing to you on behalf of my son Joe and myself.

Derek, I am so glad you introduced me to Choi Kwang-Do. You and Karen have taught me with passion and enthusiasm.  The ‘common ground’ that Joe and I now experience, helps in the trying times of Joe’s teenage years. Training together helps our personal development and in the structure of Choi Kwang Do and life. Not only are you my instructors but also my very good friends.


I find after a hard days work; the Yoga based stretching helps my aching muscles and has also benefited our general levels of health and fitness. Training, although sometimes trying, is always enjoyable and fun, especially working with other students of various ages, shapes and abilities.


I have a story for you:-


I started Choi Kwang Do a short time after Joe. I thought, I should be doing something with him. Although my head told me I could be letting Joe down as I did not feel as fit as I felt I should. Well, Derek suggested that I went to seminar in London to see Grandmaster Kwang Choi, so off I went, only having done two lessons!! We traveled up to London and after a long journey we all needed to pay a visit to the toilet. I went to the ‘ladies’ and discovered there wasn’t any toilet paper. I checked the other toilets and again no toilet paper. Well, as all good mothers/ladies know, it is an essential!!!


So off I trot, on a mission to find a supply of ‘toilet paper’.  I find a lovely man, all ‘suited and booted’ and asked him if he could deal with the problem. This man went off and after a while came back, saying it was all sorted. He then asked me why I started Choi Kwang-do and how I was finding it. In reply I answered, that it frightened me to bits and how I felt I was too old. He replied “All you needed to know and do are 3 things in life,

1.     Life starts at 40,       2. Go down the Grand Canyon and

3. To see Grand Master Kwang Choi.”

With this, off this lovely man went.


In the break, Derek came over to me and asked “Why does Master Pereira keep coming over and talking to you?. ”oh No, what have I done!” I felt ready stupid. Then Master Pereira came over again, whereupon I apologized, saying I did not know whom he was and that I was sure he could show me how to do Choi Kwang-Do. He laughed and said he would one day and that I should work hard. He also said, when he met me next he would like to see me a blue suit. I nodded and promised I would try.


Well, I was hooked! If someone like Master Pereira could speak to me and be so humble and be so kind. Then I longed for that environment for myself and my son.


Master Pereira was right, all those 3 things in life is all you need, as I am now in blue. I give my thanks to Derek and everyone in Choi Kwang-Do, what lovely people they all are!