I am really not a Ďnaturalí martial artist. Iím 46 years old and a mother of three boisterous boys. I have one of those office based jobs where I sit at a computer for a lot of the day. I sometimes get to walk to a meeting, or stand up to teach students. But thereís not much exercise in my day, if Iím honest.  But then I am not a sporty type - I hated PE at school as Miss MacNally my teacher could confirm. The boys say I am a bit of a hippy because I am a pacifist and prefer a world in which people donít fight (but then doesnít everyone?).  And yet here I am writing a testimonial for Choi Kwang Do Ė a martial art that I have been doing now for a couple of years at Hampshire CKD clubs run by Karen and Derek Bicknell. And I love it and think itís brilliant. If I canít go to a class miss it. I even believe that one day I will get my Black Belt!

So how can I persuade you that Choi Kwang do might be the class for you? Well here are just three of the reasons I like learning Choi.

So there you go. Three reasons why youíll find me at a Choi Kwang Do class this week. Maybe Iíll see you there?


Cathy Pope