September 30th 2006
Dear Mr Bicknell


I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how much Elektra has been enjoying the Choi Kwang Do sessions. She started in April 2005 with her brother Ermis as a fun way to get active, improve their posture and fitness. Another reason the classes appealed to us was because they were held in convenient and familiar surroundings - Both children attended Weeke Primary School. I have been very pleased with their progress. They are fitter and their posture and co-ordination has improved. Of course the main aspect is self-defence, however as a parent I am pleased that there is also strong emphasis on respect for others, discipline and self belief.


Ermis continued attending up to November 2005, gaining two belts (up to yellow belt), which he is still proud of. Ermis has special needs and always struggled a bit with his gross and fine motor skills, but his PE teachers at the secondary school commented on his improved co-ordination and concentration since he was attending the sessions. He decided to quit when some of his friends also left, but still has the belt and certificates.


However, Elektra has continued and she is very keen to attend both sessions on Tuesday and Saturday every week. In the past she had never stuck to any activity for long having trying ballet, gymnastics and football. But now there's no stopping her! She has now achieved seven gradings (she has now the orange belt) and feels proud to be selected for the "black belt academy" which gives young members extra incentives and a smarter uniform!


Finally, I would like to thank you personally for your continuing encouragement, support and sensitivity toward the children, during a very difficult year for them. I would recommend Choi Kwang-Do and particularly your classes to any parent.


The only slight issue I have is the need to go to Chessington for the belt gradings, but having to go to London certainly adds to the kudos for Elektra and she always looks forward to these events.


Yours sincerely
Yorgos Madikopoulos