9th May 2007


As well as playing a number of sports, I have always been interested in Martial Arts as a way to enhance my fitness and develop my self defence abilities. I have previously enjoyed JUDO and KARATE although not for several years.

I recently went through a divorce and, as a result, found myself with time on my hands. I looked around for something to do and came across Choi Kwang Do. My initial enquiries met with a very friendly response so I decided to take the first step by turning up for a trial lesson.

Needless to say, CKD with Sabumnim Biknell has turned out to be a great success. Although my attendance is sometimes not as frequent as I would like, I have progressed steadily and found that I have discovered unexpected benefits aside from the obvious ones of fitness and self defence. I find that I am now calmer and more relaxed and this seems to be long-term, not just for a few hours after a session at the Do-Jang.

In comparison to other Martial Arts, CKD has the great advantage of being non-competitive and mostly non-contact. This means that injuries, an inevitable part of most Martial Arts, really are almost non-existent. This, in turn, means less training days lost. It also makes CKD very suitable for children. I have now introduced my 8 year old son to CKD and he loves it. Starting Martial Arts at a young age has all sorts of benefits for health and confidence and CKDs unique methods ensure that the full benefits of training are gained without the potentially harmful long term side effects of some other styles.

I can whole-heartedly recommend CKD to all age groups. Sabumnim Biknell's schools in particular offer a friendly, family oriented training environment.

Geff Davey