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Date: 04/11/2008




Dear Karen & Derek

 I wanted to write and thank you, both personally from my own families perspective but also in my professional capacity.

Zoie joined you at Hants CKD a couple of years ago, she had watched you train in the junior school and made the decision herself that she wanted to join and has never looked back. She now proudly has her orange belt and is committed to carrying on all the way.
Zoie will readily admit that Choi Kwang-Do has changed her life for the better, before she joined she had never stuck at anything, trying most clubs of one sort or another for a few weeks, then just getting bored, giving up or just not getting on with people.
Zoie absolutely loves Choi, her concentration and her whole manner has improved as well as her confidence. She has a safe place to channel her aggression and frustration as well as learning how to control herself and behave with respect. Zoie now feels confident to work with adults and loves working with the younger members helping them along.
I have never known her so committed to anything and the strong morals and ethos of the club are very important to both her and us. You have both been completely supportive and helpful not only to Zoie but also to us as a family.
Oliver, who has only just joined you, is already showing signs of improved behaviour and concentration. Both Zoie and Oliver cannot wait till the next lesson each week!

From a professional point of view, the brilliant work that you have been doing for me at StreetSport fits in perfectly with our aims to lead young people on a path that will improve their lives forever and help transform young people into the young adults of our future, full of compassion, hope, energy, high standards and motivation and I look forward to that partnership developing.

You never know, maybe Rob and I will end up joining too at this rate!

Warm Regards
Lorna Culnane