If you are looking for a Martial Arts sport run by great teachers, "Look no further"!
Sabumnims D. Bicknell & K. Bicknell are the ones for the job. Myself + children have learned so much.

Mr & Mrs Bicknell display the true meaning of the saying "teaching for the love of it"! They genuinely care about the sport they teach.
They share & demonstrate their hard earned knowledge with the utmost care, respect, gentleness, patience as well as respecting the limits of the individual.

We are fitter, more confident, having great fun, as well as learning a great lifelong art.
This class is more than "pay for instruction", it's the best thing in the field of defence sport you can give yourself + children.

Pil Suhng.
A very big thank you to Sabumnims Derek & Karen Bicknell
Dee Clark, St Denys Choi Kwang-Do