To cut a long story short, my journey to Choi Kwang Do was driven by need. I had been on holiday in Bali with my family. We had taken a taxi from the airport to our hotel, at night, when I started to feel uneasy. No real reason other than a sense that should the taxi driver decide to take us off road and rob us or whatever, I was completely ill equipped to deal with such an event. So I decided to do something about it.

A quick Google search and a simple e-mail form led to call inviting me to a 2 class taster session.  The first thing I noticed was just how friendly it was. From meeting Mr Bicknell to watching other students engage with one another. None of this pretention or testosterone fuelled atmosphere that can normally be associated with Martial Arts. What also struck me was the fact that people were going at their own pace. No-one was being pushed too hard or beasted. People were encouraged to push it as hard or far as was right for them.  Mostly though, people were having fun. And loads of it! It was so easy just to get stuck in and have a goÖ.

Iíve now been a student for 9 months and can honestly say Iím hooked and I love it. I feel fitter, stronger and equipped to deal with those not so nice situations that life can throw at you. I have met some amazing people and feel like Iím part of something special. My black belt journey is well and truly underway!

Chris Taylor. Pil Seung.