Hampshire CKD Black Belt Academy

Students that have achieved the rank of Gold belt or above and aged less than 15yrs may be invited to join the Black Belt Academy (BBA)

The purpose of the BBA is to provide additional training to the younger students, in order to enhance their abilities and prepare them to become excellent Black Belts.

Each student in the academy will receive a Yellow BBA card which identifies, as listed below, the key aspects of their training that will be monitored. At the end of each month the cards will be ‘Pil Seung‘ stamped to indicate if the required standard has been achieved.

The card will run for 3 months and contains 45 boxes.  BBA students must maintain more than 20 stamps in order to remain in the academy.

If the student achieves more than 40 stamps they will be offered the chance to enter the S.T.O.R.M (Special Team of Role Models) Team and receive a Blue Dobok top. Students in the S.O.R.M. work alongside the AI’s and begin to progress toward a Blue Dobok (Assistant Instructor), when they reach 15 Years of age.

The Leadership students must maintain 40 or more stamps at the end of each quarter in order to retain their red top and continue toward their goal.

Humility Top
Be polite & courteous, using please and thank you, to all students regardless of belt rank or age. Also remember to call the ladies Ma’am and the gentlemen ‘Sir’
Appearance: No jewellery is to be worn in the Dojang. If it can’t be removed it must be covered, e.g. with tape or plaster. Ensure that your Dobok is kept clean and ironed regularly.
Bowing: Students should bow toward flags and say ‘Pil Sung’, when entering and leaving the Dojang.  When approaching a Chief or Assistant Instructor the student should bow and say ‘Pil Sung’. Students should also bow when given the instruction during drills.

Honesty Top
Make sure you spend 5 to 10 minutes every day to practice one of your techniques, combination, pattern or speed drill. You can only get better with practice.
When you work with other students use words to encourage them, such as ‘come on Sir/Ma’am’ or ‘good effort’, ‘keep going’, ‘excellent punch/kick’ etc
Partners: When you line up to do drills make sure you pick partners that you aren’t best friends with and try to change partners when you are given the chance.

Perseverance Top
Make sure you come to all the classes that you can. Try to get to two regular classes each week.
Effort: Always give your full energy when you are asked to during drills.
Improvement: Aim to be better than you were in the last class. Faster, more powerful, better technique, improved flexibility, more focused, etc.

Self Control Top
Listen carefully to all the instructions given by the Instructors. Always pay attention to your partner during drills.
Behaviour: Don’t muck around! Listen out for instructions and respond properly to them.
Protocols: Follow the Dojang rules. Bow at the right times. Learn your Korean Terminology and be ready to use it.

Unbreakable Spirit Top
These should always be loud but short. Not a scream!.  A good Ki-Hap should always be given every time you go into a fighting stance.
Clapping: Clap loudly and proudly, when you break off at the end of drills. This is to show that you appreciate the effort of your training partner and lift their spirits.
Speed to Line Up: When drills are started and you are asked to line up with a partner, run to the line and shout for a partner. Take your equipment with you and put it on when you get there.